While the Internet[...] – WWW³

While the Internet Plays Hard to Get, I Can Imagine the Waves as Drawings of Revolutionary Aesthetic – WWW³ (WORLD WIDE WEB / WILD WO.MEN WITCHES / WORLD WITHOUT WORK), 2018

Performance, Rad´art project, San Romano, Italy (In collaboration with La Chambre Blanche, Québec, Canada)
Images: Marie-Andrée Godin, Yan Xi Zhou, Manuela Campana

My residency at Rad’art Project (San Romano, Italy) was colored by the 50th anniversary of may 1968, the absence of a good internet connection, the discovery of Emilia Romagna’s regional magical beliefs or superstitions, and the idea of women personal power through, among other things, the concept of work inside and outside of the household. It was also marked by the difficulties and the emotional labor resulting in working with those topics and presenting such a work in a non-feminist-friendly structure. Nevertheless, I presented the result of my experimentations and research with a piece of performance accounting for the time I spent there. The performance also included two videos realized during the residency: “WWM /// Wednesday Women’s meeting” and “Il mondo magico” in reference to the Italian ethnologist Ernesto Di Martino’s book.

This project has been supported by Canada Council for the Arts, Taike (Arts Promotion Centre Finland), and LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE.